Becontree Wheelers Cycling Club

Romford Harlow Cycle Race

British Cycling Federation

Romford-Harlow 2002

2000 Result

Romford-Harlow, 14 March 1999.

Thanks to the superb organisational skills of Alan Sanders, the race was another great success and in fact has generated a couple of enquiries about the Club from people watching the event and taking the time to read the race programme. Whether they represent a future winner of the event remains to be seen but one never knows.

Alan has passed on his thanks to all the marshals. For once they had a reasonable day to stand on the corner of usually damp wet and draughty country lanes. For those who went to the finish an exciting finish took place accompanied by a fine commentary from Hugh Porter.


Hot Spots

1   Martin Ford   Chester RC   3:25:15   1   Bryan Steele  
2   Bradley Wiggins   WCPP   st   2   Chris Ball  
3   Matt Rodgers   Amore e Vita   st   3   Tim Bayley  
4   Matt Stephens   Harrods   st          
5   Danny Axford   PDM Sports   st          
6   Bryan Steel   CCA Eurotel   at 10 sec          
7   Roy Chamberlain   Milton Keynes CC   st          
8   Darren Barclay   Artic 2000 RT   st          
9   Paul Crook   Heffs Bile Shop   st          
10   Chris King   Amore e Vita   at 25 sec          
11   Sam Collins   3 COM RT   st          
12   Mark McKay   Harrods   at 1:15          
13   Greg Imlah   PDM Sports   st          
14   Brian Flemming   Artic 2000 RT   st          
15   James Notley   GS Strada   st          
16   Ron Hewes   Harlow CC   st          
17   Tony Woodcock   Glendene CC   st          
18   Andy Ballantyne   Easterly RC   st          
19   Graeme Stirzaker   Anglia Sport   st          
20   Ben Coekin   Artic 2000 RT   st          
21   Steve Sach   Southend & Co Wh   st          
22   Gary Baker   Anglia Sport   st          
23   Chris Ball   Harrods   st          
24   Glenn Holmes   Adidas/Sci-com   at 5:35          
25   Dan Morre   Amore e Vita   st          
26   Aaron McCaffrey   Heffs Bike Shop   st          
27   Dan Staite   PDM Sports   st          
28   Julian Ramsbottom   Harrods   st          
29   Grant Bayton   Amore e Vita   st          
30   Martin Meades   API Resprays   st          
31   Kevin Chambers   API Resprays   st          
32   Tim Bayley   Artic 2000 RT   st          
33   Yanto Barker       st          
34   David Rand   PDM Sports   st          
35   Andy Lyons   Artic 2000 RT   st          
36   Andy Naylor   Harrods   st          
37   Kevin Dawson   Harrods   st          
38   Rowen Horner   VC St Raphael   st